Message from Iranian students in response to UCL Occupation message of solidarity

Addressed to protesting students in England

Dear friends

We have received your statement of solidarity* and it is indeed beyond all words that how encouraging and heartening we have found it. Your message found us almost on the Students day in Iran, a day in which once again, despite the unprecedented presence of repressive forces, we uttered the voice of our protest in all universities throughout Iran and, yet again, we showed that not only a year of threats, suspensions, arrests and tortures has not brought us to a standstill, but it has only made us more determined to pursue our struggle for freedom, justice and human rights more tirelessly than ever.

Our determination for persisting in our cause only increases when we witness that our fellow students in other countries have also chosen to oppose the unjust and discriminatory education policies instead of conforming to the existing order. As we have been following your protests during the past months, we have perceived the common humanistic essence of our struggles and that of yours. This commonness indicates that there exist the chains which tie together human emancipatory endeavors beyond political borders, ties which have become evident, during the student movements. Not only this has offered hope for a better future in our country, but it bears a promise that living in a better world is possible

Surely there will be those who tell us: “But is a better world possible?” In their view, privatization of the educational system and dominance of the rules of market over universities are immutable parts of the inevitable fate of human societies. Yet we know, better than ever, that the existing conditions are not part of the natural process of humanity, but the artifact of the neoliberal policies and the consequence of their hegemonic dominance within the past decades.

Policies that have forfeited human rights for the profits of free capital flow, and have deprived human societies of their inalienable rights; such as rights to public health care, to free education and to stable employment, which have been gained through centuries of enlightenment and relentless endeavors of successive generations. The devastating consequences of such assaults threaten invaluable human accomplishments; be it in the developed world or in the developing countries. All the same, the extension of neoliberal privatization policies to Iran proceeds to pass similar imposed laws towards privatizing the education and universities.

For this reason, we, the Iranian students, hand in hand with you and our fellow students all around the globe, have a message for those who deprive us of equality in possession of a fairer existence, and replace it with equitability in dispossession. We tell them that living in such a world is not our destiny. For we believe that free and equal existence, for humanity regardless of where they dwell, is possible. We are determined to step toward creating just such a world. Undoubtedly, to get through this path, we have to reinforce our ties beyond drawing up statements of solidarity and arrange an organic relationship in order to exchange our experiences and our capabilities.

Our dear friends, in the great endeavor that you have begun, we, all those who believe in a better world, shall be on your side. We believe that your resoluteness will carry you through your path and brings about your success. We shall prevail.

A group of students and graduates from University of : Tehran, Polytechnic, Sharif, Elm va Sanaat, Khajeh Nasir, Allameh, Razi of Kermanshah, Azad of Sannadaj, Ilam, Gilan, Rasht,Mazandaran, Nooshirvani of Babol, Bouali Sina of Hamedan. A group of Iranian students and graduate from University of : Polytechnic of Milano, Pisa,Bremen, Aachen, Freie Universität of Berlin , Applied sciences of Munich, Bochum, Essen-Duisburg,Leibniz University of Hannover, Vienna, Leiden, Düsseldorf, Toronto, York, Mc Gill,Leiden, Amsterdam, Delft, Den Haag, Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham

* Solidarity with Iranian Students:

Farsi version here