Radio Zamaneh

Iranian opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi announced that the “Supervision over Members of Parliament” bill will mean “the end” of parliament in the Islamic Republic system.

Saham News reports that in a letter to Iranian Members of Parliament, Mehdi Karroubi pulled the alarm bell over this proposed bill and stated that the parliament, as the ” only democratic body” in Iran, will become “an ineffective and servile” institution with the approval of this bill.

He maintained that the “specific group” is trying to make the parliament ineffective in a “similar project to what they have done to the Assembly of Experts.”

The Assembly of Experts is a government body comprised of expert clerics that among its duties lays the supervision of the supreme leader.

The proposed bill allows penalizing MPs by delaying their speeches and removing them from parliamentary committees. It also proposes that the judiciary establishes a special branch to process violations committed by MPs and allows them to acquire written commitments not to repeat the charge and to deny them three months pay.

The proposed plan also proposes restrictions on MP travels abroad.

Karroubi emphasizes: “The penal and restrictive mechanisms in this proposal in effect limits MPs from defending people’s rights and holds a sword above the head of anyone who tries to do so.”