Radio Zamaneh

Iran’s Minister of Intelligence, Heydar Moslehi announced that all interference in the restructuring of government subsidies will be firmly confronted.

ILNA reports that Moslehi said that they have made every arrangement for the restructuring of the subsidies and any attempt at disrupting the process will be referred to the judiciary.

He added that all the economic organizations of the country have been prepared for the restructuring of the subsidies and there is “excellent coordination and solidity” for putting it into effect.

Yesterday head of Iran’s security forces announced that the police force is prepared for the execution of the plan but added that they do not expect to be “overburdened in this matter.”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government is cutting Iran’s exorbitant government subsidies that for years has kept down the price of energy and food staples in the country.

The government is handing out cash benefits to low-income families to counteract the effects of the rising prices.

Head of the security forces said: “The concern of the police force is to make sure it is not caught off guard as it was when the rationing of gasoline was put into effect, although those problems were quickly overcome as well.”

The start of rationing of gasoline in Iran three years ago led to a number of conflicts in Tehran and other cities.

Head of Iran’s security forces told worshippers at the Friday Mass Prayers in Tehran two weeks ago: “Those who want to lend a hand to the enemy by relying on economic difficulties will be confronted.”

The opposition maintains that the government is using the term “economic sedition” as an excuse to oppress legitimate protests against its mismanagement in every aspect of governance.