GVF — Green Movement Leader Mir Hossein Leader has condemned Israel’s violent assault on the ship carrying humanitarian aid to the besieged people of Gaza.

Mousavi’s statement was published by his official website Kaleme:

Once more and in a new act of aggression, the occupying regime of Jerusalem has targeted a convoy of civilian ships carrying aid for the Muslims in Gaza and has revealed its violence seeking character. This assault which has led to a great number of people being killed or wounded is a gross violation of International Law and basic human rights. I, along with the justice seeking Green Movement across the world and in one voice with all seekers of freedom, condemn this international crime and express my sympathies with the oppressed people of Palestine and offer my condolences to the people of Turkey for losing a number of their fellow compatriots and urge the international community to take serious measures against the perpetrators of this inhumane act and the violators of human dignity.