Arash Aramesh


Mir Hossein Moussavi and Mehdi Karroubi, leaders of the opposition Green Movement, are making new efforts to reach out to Iranian labors and teachers. May 1 and May 2 are Labor Day and Teacher’s Day in Iran respectively.

In a statement praising the importance of Labor Day and Teacher’s Day, Moussavi complained that domestic markets were handed over to forefingers and foreign goods have replaced Iranian manufactured products.

In the most politically significant part of the statement, Moussavi tried to link the issues of the labor movement in Iran to those of the Green Movement and the broader society as a whole. According to Kaleme, Moussavi’s official website, the former presidential candidate said, “We are witnessing [the government] shutting people’s mouths, shutting down newspapers, filling up prisons, and restricting unions and political syndicates which will impact the fate of teachers and labors.”

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