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Concern over Iran’s desire to possess nuclear weapons has intensified in light of an article indicating Iran may begin construction on two more nuclear enrichment facilities and could be planning even more. The increasing tension over the topic has led to renewed calls for military action from various sources. However, a multitude of experts on Iran, international politics, conflict, and global economics conclude that an attack on Iran would be extremely counterproductive, both in terms of setting back Iran’s nuclear program and in weakening the central government or encouraging regime change.
According to the New York Times, which published an article on Sunday referring to an interview (Farsi language)from the Iranian Student News Agency, the chief of Iran’s nuclear program said construction on two new nuclear sites will begin soon. Five potential sites have been selected for their isolation and defensibility, Nuclear Chief Salehi said, and “these sites will be built with safety from any manner of attack as their primary concern.” For this reason, the sites “will be constructed deep inside mountains,” he clarified. Salehi hopes to begin construction within the next twelve months.

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