Campaign Iran have launched a statement against the crackdown on the democracy movement and the aggressive actions of Western powers. Please sign and distribute widely:

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about the repression of the democracy movement in Iran that has emerged following last summer’s election fall-out, and alarmed at the build-up of US Patriot missiles in the region, plans for further sanctions and renewed calls for foreign interference in Iran’s domestic affairs.

We thus call for:

* The release of political prisoners
* Freedom of press, freedom to organise, to demonstrate and to form political parties
* The abolishment of executions of political prisoners and activists
* An end to all economic and/or political sanctions on Iran
* An end to the US military presence in the region, threats of military intervention and acts of aggression from the US and Israel
* An end to any attempts of interference in Iran’s domestic political affairs from outside the country
* The removal of all nuclear weapons in the region

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