MJ Rosenburg, Huffington Post

Anyone who has followed the Senate’s handling of health care reform can’t help but be impressed (or depressed) by the glacial pace at which things move in that place. In fact, it appears that Senate sloth contributed mightily to the failure of reform (by comparison, the House is a model of streamlined efficiency).

But the Senate can and does move with dispatch when it wants to (or is unable to resist the pressure to move). Sometimes a president can get the Senate to move as quickly as he wants. FDR and LBJ were famous for that. More often than Presidents, powerful interest groups can light a fire under the self-proclaimed “world’s most deliberative body.”

For instance, just last week the Senate passed comprehensive sanctions on Iran — a bill being pushed by AIPAC neocons and the other “usual suspects” — in record time. It was brought up with only three senators on the floor; there was a five minute debate and it passed by voice vote. Just like that.

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