In light of the current events in Iran, Campaign Iran has decided to issue a
statement regarding our position on the elections and the subsequent wave of

Campaign Iran is an organisation which works solely with the aim of halting the
threat of war and the continuing sanctions on Iran. Therefore, we clearly do
not express an opinion on individual candidates within the Iranian election,
nor any particular preference.

However, as an activist based campaign we always support the right of protest
and condemn the repression of any demonstrations in Iran from the state. We
support democracy and human rights in Iran and believe that the current
movement which has taken to the streets vindicates our position that the
Iranian people, and only the Iranian people, have the ability and the right to
make change in Iran as they best see fit. It is clear that the democracy
movement can fight its own battles and we support their struggle.

Through the revolution of 1979 Iranian society rejected the colonial mindset of
foreign influence and still carries this position today. Those who argue for a
‘war of liberation’ can look both to the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In addition we strongly believe that the current situation must not be used as
an excuse for war or further sanctions. We fear that any instability within the
country could be used as a pre-text to launch an attack on Iran and we, along
with the Iranian people, stoutly reject such an eventuality. We stand against
the hijacking of this movement from any western power, in order to weaken Iran
as an obstacle to imperialism.

We call on international anti-war activists to support the right of Iranians to
protest and bring about change, free from the influence of Western leaders. We
must continue to play our role and limit the threat of war which only serves to
strangle any movements for change.