g20_tuc_demo_2803091Assemble US Embassy, Grosvenor Square at 2pm

From the Stop the War Coalition:

Saturday’s Put People First demonstration was excellent. Tens of thousands came
out to protest against the whole spectrum of the world leaders’ policies. The
anti-war bloc was very big and very loud and got lots of coverage.

The next big event is the Yes We Can demonstration this Wednesday.

This is the only anti-war demonstration at the G20. It is the main chance we
have to make sure that the G20 leaders can’t avoid the massive opposition to
their war policies.

The demonstration will assemble at the US Embassy, Grosvenor Sq, London W1A
2LQ. Nearest tubes Green Park or Bond Street.

We will hand in a message to Barack Obama and then march through central London
to Trafalgar Square for an alternative summit.

Speakers include Arthur Scargill, Tony benn, Susan George, Lindsey German,
Bruce Kent and Daud Abdullah.


* Barack Obama has just announced a surge of 23,000 extra troops for
Afghanistan. The British government looks set to send another 2,000.

* The murderous siege of Gaza continues. Israel is still bombing the tunnels in
to Gaza.

* No date has been set for the withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq.

* Both US and British projected military spending has risen on last year.

* Britain is still selling arms to Israel.