norouz01tuDear Friends,
The Iranian peoples of diverse ethnicities and languages will be celebrating Noruz or ‘new day’ in Iran and around the world on Friday March 20th this year. This is the beginning of the Spring Equinox and the month of Farvardin in the mellinia old Iranian solar calendar. Noruz marks a new cycle in the solar system and it is a reminder of our shared and common heritage over the past millenia. This  is a time to rejoice no matter where we are, a time for renewal and growth, and a time to observe and reflect on the creation of the universe. We at Campaign Iran wish you a very happy Noruz and peace for the world. We would like to mark it with this poem about the month of Farvardin from the Avesta text, the book of Zarathustra c. 1700 B.C.
Through their brightness and glory,
the waters run and flow forward from the never-failing springs;
through heir brightness and glory,
the plants grow up from the earth by the never-failing springs;
through their brightness and glory,
the winds blow, 
driving down the clouds towads the never-failing springs. 
From Farvardin Yast 14 in the Avesta the book of Zarathushtra