Campaign Iran has prepared a resolution for trade union activists to pass at the own branches and to move at union conferences. It’s an important resolution. The new US administration has so far shown no signs of removing the crippling sanctions on Iran that are damaging the lives of ordinary Iranians especially the poorest sections of society. In fact, both Barack Obama and Gordon Brown have called for tougher sanctions.

Despite the rhetoric, sanctions are not a “soft” form of pressure on the Iranian government. Instead, they strengthen power at the top of society and restrict the potential of those at the bottom. As the UNICEF-estimated deaths of half a million Iraqi children testify, sanctions can have catastrophic consequences. By isolating a whole country and suffocating its people, sanctions have historically been used by states as a prelude for war (as again was the case with Iraq).

Please download the motion in either a Word or PDF document below and distribute widely:

1. Model Resolution on Sanctions and War on Iran.doc

2. Model Resolution on Sanctions and War on Iran.pdf

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