The genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza again, witnessing their pain and humiliation from afar, is the shame we in the West must bear while our leaders conspire with Israel and fail to deal with Israeli crimes. Amidst the frequently brandished discourse of ‘the civilized world who observes human rights’ from our politicians, we observe the power with which human wrongs are brutally bestowed on the Palestinian people. Thus the shameless and ugly saga of slaughter unravels on our televisions screens and we watch the bombing of the so called safe UN schools and the use of illegal weapons in the warmth of our homes with electricity, sanitation, medicine, food, and above all with our loved ones around us. Six decades of  occupation, suffering, and fragmentation have passed with no avail. Similarly, many a resolution have come and gone, starting with a resolution in November 1947 with the British executing partition.

Here, we create a moment to remember, as the Palestinians do, the following narrative which has persisted since 1948. The 1.5 million Palestinians who now live in the occupied lands in the Gaza Strip, only 140 square miles, are there because their fathers were driven out of their homes, orchards, and land by the British and the Israelis.

“My grandfather who could no longer speak from shock, standing bolt upright in the United Nations Relief and Works Agency refugee camp, and staring past the barbed wire at the new Israeli settlements where their house had been, while obsessively rubbing the key to its vanished door”

In the same spirit, campaigners at ‘Mothers for Peace’ in Iran came to the streets and gathered in front of the Palestinian Embassy in Tehran on Iranian Mothers’ Day. They carried placards stating stop the killing, and peace and freedom for the Palestinian people. The assembly gathered significant momentum when tens of politicians, activists from the civic and private spheres, writers, artists, film makers, journalists, and others joined the activists from ‘Mothers for Peace’ in sympathy and solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Dr. Mehri Honarbin-Holliday (Campaign Iran)

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