Last week’s NUS Conference was deeply encouraging for the anti-war movement as the NUS finally took steps towards reflecting the anti-war sentiment across our campuses. Very rarely does anti-war policy get discussed at annual conference but this year, taking place amidst the backdrop of increased threats against Iran, conference voted strongly in favour of opposing a war on Iran. However, the real sign of the growing movement against an attack on Iran was the inclusion, within the motion, supporting occupations of universities¬†and direct action if such an attack were to take place. The NUS is also now committed to organising a first term speakers tour on Iran with the Stop the War Coalition, which can only help to further the support amongst students for the anti-war movement. It’s wonderful that the NUS has taken such a strong stance on Iran as students have always made up a vibrant part of the anti-war movement and it’s important that they continue to do so. Elsewhere at National Conference Rose¬†Gentle from Military Families Against the War, whose son died in Iraq, was elected as an Honorary Vice-President and in the rest of elections there were victories and good results¬†for other anti-war candidates. If you are a student and wish to get involved with Campaign Iran on your campus please contact Dominic at